The soul of my recipes is use of fresh ingredients. Even basic recipes turned out to be different when we use freshly chopped vegetables. I have deliberately avoided the use of tomato purees,sauces, etc. Also wherever possible I would always suggest Desi Ghee instead of Refined Oils, Soyabean Oils or Butter for that matter. My Mother-in-law used to have only desi ghee and I learnt from her that the aroma and taste is always enhanced by the use of desi ghee rather than refined oils in any form, plus it is a healthy choice too. Given that we all really wish to have a healthy life style and soups are meant to be basic building block for that, I have made sure that my recipes have little use of ghee and yet they give the wonderful taste. Come Winters and everyone at home is expecting a fresh bowl of soup which we generally have with garlic breads. Why Soups? Every food recipe has a story. My Soups portal also have one. Well, thats the inspiration from my daughter. She rejected food made by me when she was 1+ and I was devastated. I made food of all types to make her eat but in vain. She would just not eat. Once we had all gone to dinner on occasion of my sister-in-law’s bday and we ordered Tomato Soup and my daughter just loved it and then I started making fresh Tomato soups at home and she liked it too. It was a great relief. I decided that I will share this recipe first. All the recipes that are shared are learnt from my family members, friends and are tried and tested before putting them online. A few have been self-innovated from the trial and learning process. Now being a cook for more than a decade I had this feeling to share my experiences with the world and this is how is born.

Hope you enjoy visiting and the recipes too. Thanks for stopping by.

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