Chickpea (Choley) A food for taste and weight

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Choley Chickpea Nutrition
Choley: A rich food
Image by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Choley are an inherent part of North Indian Diet, specially our favourites are Choley Bhature..Who doesnt love them on this earth??

Ohh You love them but are wondering how can I have them when I am on a diet-plan..No wonder you are missing one of the greatest foods that is our family favourite too. So much so that everyone in their sleep can say yes to Choley Bhature. Let me tell you that you may also have it once a while and those days just keep your other meals super light. Thats what I also do. Apart from the choley bhature, this super food can make many delicacies like Choley Chaat, grind them in a paste to make scrumptious Hummus, add them to boiled potatoes for tangy Gole gappas (Pani Puri), add them in a pasta for hot and spicy beans soup, use it for filling the tacos and in several other ways we may use it.

Choley Chickpea
Image by Mike from Pexels

Chickpeas are legumes also called gram, or bengal gram, or garbanzo beans or as we call them Choley. Its a rich food packed with several nutrients like fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals. Its a good choice for people targeting for weight-loss as its keeps you full for longer (thanks to its fibre content) and protein keeps your hunger pangs away. They have low-calorie density that is few calories in comparison to the amount of nutrients they have. They are complete-proteins that means they contain all the 9 essential Amino acids. They help control blood sugar levels as body absorbs and digests them slowly, hence making it a good choice for diabetic people too. It helps reduce bad cholesterol and therefore improves heart health. Apart from causing bloating and wind, they are a perfect food.

Choley Chickpeas
Chickpea Salad
Image by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

I prefer the dried ones over tinned ones. Generally people soak them overnight for making them next day. What I do is to soak them in warm water 2 hours before making and they turn out to be very fine. This way I reduce their moisture time and hence avoid them becoming perishable soon. Specially the monsoon season has lot of bacteria in the air and at that time we must ensure that they are not over-soaked and prefer not to have them outside vendors. Home-cooked ones are always tastier and you may have them they way you like : more spicy, less spicy tangy..

Whenever I make choley, a small portion of it is dedicated for hummus. so I take out a bowl for making quick hummus. You may find its recipe: Hummus Recipe.

Which one is your special dish made with Choley?? Remember to share with me..Very soon I am going to make Choley Bhature and shall be posting too. Till then Bye!!

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