Coronavirus (Covid-19): Home Precautions

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As suggested by Dr. Parmeshwar Arora, MD(Ayurveda), Senior Consultant, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi

Are you afraid of Coronavirus? Are you taking enough precautions?

The first precaution is to stay home..

Inspired by the speech made by Dr. Arora,, I have started Immunity Booster Recipes that include simple, homemade recipes of foods suggested by him to gain immunity.

Coronavirus precautions
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Getting large number of texts and videos about Coronavirus on daily basis and yet unable to figure out how we safeguard ourselves from it. So we indulge more in surfing about coronavirus and we arrive upon more confused and sad state of mind.

I can feel what you feel!

…Till I came across video by Dr. Parmeshwar Arora, MD(Ayurveda). I would really like to thank him for taking time out for talking and guiding us. Listening to him made me relaxed and I decided to share it here so that my readers also get hold of this precious information in these tough times.

What NOT To do

Don’t Go Out unless its really necessary

If you are getting up early for the morning walk thinking you would be alone as no one else is there…Hold that thought.

We are not alone now. Every time we step out from the house for a walk or grocery shopping, we run the risk of getting the Covid infection. We might see other people within the society taking walks, but dont feel bad if you are not going out as you SHOULD not. Dr. Arora explained in detail why we should not leave the house thinking that lockdown is over and all is normal. He suggested that this virus can stay in air for half an hour to 2 hours. That means, even if there is no one taking walk with you but a possibility exists that a covid positive person might have walked just before you and he left some virus in air. If you are not wearing a mask, you can easily catch the infection. This virus is highly contagious and mostly people dont even know that they have caught the infection as sometimes there are just no symptoms or they appear very late. But by then, unknowingly, it would have passed to several other people if we think we are okay and go for walks.

Dont touch your face

Dr. Arora elaborated more on Corona telling that it is a flu virus that leads to fever, cough, pain in throat, congestion. This virus enters from the mouth or nose. It stays there for 5 days and its very weak initially. Slowly, it multiplies itself and makes its colonies. At that point, it attacks the body system. If you catch infection today, you might get symptoms after 5-6 days.

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Whats the solution?

Stay At home. Dont go out for walks even if you feel its safe as nothing is safe now.

If you are going out for basic needs like procuring milk, vegetables etc, ensure the following

1) Wear a Mask

2) Dont remove mask.

3) Try to maintain the distance if somebody is already at the shop.

4) Try to deal in no-cash payments so that you dont take cash back.

5) When you come back, make sure not to touch anything and go straight away to bathroom for changing the clothes. You may also use a separate slipper for going out. The milk and other plastic packing things can be washed using soap and running water. Vegetables can be washed under sink and dried up in direct sun. Dont touch your face while doing all these tasks.

What to do if you think that you might have come in contact with Covid +ve?

Dr. Arora suggested that we are in danger zone specially when we step out of home. So even if we dont have symptoms, we dont have to wait for symptoms to appear and start taking home precaution by simple things easily available at home.

1) Have twice warm water daily.

If there is any virus in mouth, warm water would flush it down to stomach where it gets killed by the acid of our stomach.

2) You may take Laung (Clove) or Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), or Ajwain (Carom Seeds) with Sendha Namak two-three times a day. You may take these along with warm water.

3) Do Gargles with Haldi and Sendha Namak for protecting the throat at bed time.

4) For Nose, You may take steam with haldi and sendha namak.

5) For Immunity, You may have Haldi Doodh(Turmeric Milk), Kadha , Tulsi Kadha. In vegetables, do have pumpkin as its a health pack. Find more about Pumpkin Benefits. Try including Munakka dry fruit. You may have it with milk for good results. These are hot in taseer food so they heat up the body. You may reduce their quantity and cut down on other foods which are hot like tea, coffee, chilly etc. People with heart history and pregnant ladies should consult their doctor before having them.

Dr Arora advised to stay at home and maintain social distancing with elders at home. In 1918, Spanish Flu had taken 5 crore lives and if we really feel responsible for our family, we need to safeguard them too. For that we have to ensure that we dont take any step which makes us or them vulnerable to this disease.

Lets stay relaxed and take this time as a vacation at home and doing things which earlier we couldnot.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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