Food for health or Food for sales?

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Its been a while that people are getting conscious over healthy lifestyle and wish to have a perfect diet plan for weight-loss or maintaining their vitals in appropriate range (BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol,..) Of course, they are fancied by the concept of a food which is healthy and perhaps proven to provide with essential “Nutrients” and what not. So spending on these so called Healthy foods becomes essential too. And somehow we never thought of finding out that how these are exactly going to supplement us with these health benefits. As they are called “Super Foods” to name a few: Quinoa, Chia Seeds and list is long , they become quite popular and everybody is spreading a word about their health benefits. But wait… Who started it? Was it a company who wish to make an equation between Super Food and Super Sales? Oh..We didnt realise that how are grandparents survived without these super foods. I understand the nutrition provided by these foods like Chia Seeds are supposed to provide us with fibre, omega 3 fatty acids (which in turn lowers Cholesterol and manages BP). Are we saying that by including in their daily diet we would be able to fulfill the nutrition required by the body? Just to clarify that for getting these benefits, we shall have around 10 cups of Chiaseeds. Can we or rather should we have it in this much amount because I dont think this much fibre would be good enough for the digestive system. A word of caution here: we shall soak them properly or else it mite choke us.

Being an Indian, I can bring to your platter of several healthy foods that I had since my childhood and they are really the basic ones absolutely not fancy. As a kid I grew up having Bajra (Pearl Millet) Roti with jaggery and Sesame Seeds (Til). At that time I just loved the taste and now I know its health benefits too. Bajra is a full package of nutrients and minerals. It is rich in magnesium & potassium (for heart health), protein and iron. It has insoluble fibre which aids in digestion and weight loss, stabilises the cholesterol levels and also reduces bad LDL cholesterol. Being gluten free, it becomes a great choice for gluten allergic people. It also has Omega 3 fatty acids the so called essential fatty acids for maintaining a good heart. Ever Tried Bajra ki Khichdi? A popular one in Rajasthan, its an amazing Khichdi. I had it first time when my mother-in-law made it. The bowl full of it with desi ghee floating on top..It was awesome.

Bajra (Millet)
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Talking about other such rich foods, we have sesame seeds also called Til. Bajra, Til they are basically winter foods. Til ladoos is a delicacy and On Makar Sankranti , Indian women make these ladoos at home. Til is believed to be rich in fibre, iron, calcium, vit b and proteins. Being rich in proteins, they make metabolic rate fast and aid in weight loss. Rich in Lignans, they are know to burn fat and help lose fat-weight. Generally what we see on top of a burger bun is a layer of til. Of course, Burger wont let us lose weight.

Sesame Foods
Sesame Seeds
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I have made a choice that I would stick to the food that my parents had and they are in their best of health and what they didnt have was fancy food or hyped up food. Simple home made food with desi ghee… Are we being fascinated by Super foods marketing strategies?

What choice will you make?

Do share your experience with me.

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