Is Desi Ghee Healthy??

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Answer is a Big YES!!!

Desi Ghee is Clarified butter obtained from cow’s or buffalo’s milk. The pure one is that obtained from cow’s milk and now people are going back to traditional ways of living where our elders used to have loads of ghee in various forms. Ayurveda suggests to have desi ghee especially in winters as it keeps us warm. I remember my mom used to pour lot of ghee at the top of My Dal and then I used to wonder why so much of ghee. Now I feel, that its the ghee which made me strong over these years. Indian Kitchens add a Tadka of Ghee to Dal and Khichdi. We can have Chapatis/ Paranthas with Ghee. Having milk with Ghee is an age-old formula used in pregnancy for having normal delivery and avoiding constipation too. Have you ever wondered why Chole Bhature from a few restaurants always taste best? Its because they use desi ghee in making them. Well coming back to the agenda, which is health so lets not slave to the tongue. If taken in moderate quantities in daily diet, Desi Ghee has proven to a healthy fat as compared to other saturated fats. Those who have high cholesterol shall avoid Desi Ghee in huge quantities and shall have it in permissible limits. For Kids and others, Desi Ghee is an important fat. Infact, I use it in almost everything I cook like, Atta Halwa, Suji Halwa, Besan Halwa, Gajar Halwa, Besan Cheela, Parantha, Gravy vegetables like Matar Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Chole, Saag, Palak Paneer and all types of Dal. For the dry vegetables, I use Mustard oil.

Most of us have a thought process that Desi Ghee is unhealthy fat, bad for us and ohhh it smells ..

Hold that thought for a moment.

Desi Ghee
Why Desi Ghee?
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We should know that Desi Ghee is a pack of nutrients (rich in Vit A,D,E, iodine) consisting of healthy fat/ Good cholesterol. For a complete healthy diet, fat is also an important ingredient. Instead of munching on butter cookies, garlic breads, cheesy dips we can choose Makhana(Foxnut) roasted in ghee. Makhanas with ghee is an incredible combination. I used to have them on my Navratri Fasts and if we add sugar, they are really filling. Ghee Laddos are energy-rich foods and lactating mothers are recommended to have these for easy recovery. Desi ghee is a charm for skin as well. Ever tried a desi Ghee face Mask? Doing Body massage of New born babies with Desi ghee helps in making their bones stronger, avoids cough and congestion when gently applied warm at chest and avoids skin infections/rashes.

Lets not consider FAT our enemy rather understand that for sustaining a healthy body, fat is essential and having it in right amount will always make us healthy.

Are you willing to include Desi Ghee in our daily diet? Share your experience with me.

Best wishes for a Healthy Living!!

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  2. […] Is Desi Ghee Healthy?? […]

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