Pumpkin Recipes to combat COVID|Immunity Booster Series

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pumpkin recipes
Pumpkin Recipes
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In his viral speech, Dr. Arora recommended Pumpkin to be included in daily diet in order to gain immunity and fight against the on-going COVID disease. There are several recipes that can be easily made using pumpkin. Pumpkin is a wonder fruit with several names like Kaddu, Kashifal, Sita Phal, etc. Some say that Sita Phal is not pumpkin rather a fruit named custard apple. Amidst the name confusions, one fact remains constant that Pumpkin is a nutrition-packed fruit. Though In India, its commonly considered as a vegetable and Kaddu is a spicy and tangy dry subji made using it. However, in other countries, Pumpkin is a dessert king. Thats due to the orange pumpkin available there, which is sweet in nature and hence a perfect choice for desserts like Pie, Cake, Squash…

Pumpkin is a rich source of Potassium, Fiber, vitamin A, K, C and is an immunity booster food can improve heart health. Results suggest that to have a healthy heart , one may cut down the Salt (hence Sodium Intake). Consuming enough potassium is also very important just like reducing the sodium. Not just the pumpkin, its flowers, seeds are also healthy. Its low sugar fruit and hence diabetics can also include it in their daily diet. It being low calorie food with loads of nutrients, aids weight loss and is an ideal choice for diet food. Its a versatile fruit and can be easily blended with several other vegetables, fruits to have amazing recipes.

Pumpkin recipes
Image by Lynn Nash from Pexels

Pumpkin first appeared in the fairy tale of Cinderella when Fairy Godmother converted a pumpkin to a carriage for Cinderella to attend the ball. I just loved this story and specially how magically a Pumpkin rolls out and spins into a carriage coach. As the Midnight strike, it converted back to pumpkin. What a great symbol of faith is Pumpkin! This reminds me of another story: God and the Great Pumpkin. I shall continue about this one in next post of this series.

Till then..Stay Home Stay Safe!!

The following section uncovers the first recipe of my series. Follow the link for a healthy beginning!

Pumpkin Recipes

As I start my journey with Immunity booster Recipes series to fight against Covid, I begin with Pumpkin Sauce Pasta. Its a simple and one-pot recipe that is flavoured with Garlic, Spices and Pumpkin Sauce. The detailed recipe is posted on my recipe blog vegbuffet.com

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