Pumpkin Recipes to combat COVID | Immunity Booster Series

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pumpkin paratha
Pumpkin Paratha

As Dr. Arora suggested that we should have foods that boost our immunity against COVID, I am continuing with my recipe series using Pumpkin. He said that Petha (Pumpkin), as we call it commonly, has incredible benefits and simply having it daily can help us fight against infection. He also suggested more food items that I will be covering in my future posts. It seems I am yet not over with pumpkin recipes. Ideas keep flowing me. Today I had planned to make Aloo Parantha. When I woke up this morning, a thought crossed my mind, why not make a Pumpkin Paratha..

We have discussed in detail in my previous posts how healthy pumpkin is. I would try to bring to your plate, a simple and homemade Pumpkin recipes that are not just delicious but healthy too.

What all is going around is worrisome and becomes more when I get a video showing how COVID cases are increasing. Then I take a deep breath and focus on my aim. My aim is to stay at home and stay healthy. Also, I should ensure that my family is safe and healthy too. I take no stress in thinking, cooking, eating pumpkin or for that matter any other food which can make me immune against the ongoing disease. I will not waste my time on forwarding the videos to scare anyone rather I will make a little contribution to the society by posting tested and tried recipes.

Are you goona to try these utterly crispy, delicious and health Pumpkin Paratha?

Stay connected for more stories and recipes too. You may find detailed recipe of Pumpkin Paratha on vegbuffet.com

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