Pumpkin Recipes to combat COVID | Immunity Booster Series-Pumpkin Desserts

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As Dr. Arora highly recommended Pumpkin for boosting immunity, lets continue the immunity booster series with another Pumpkin amazing recipe: Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Halwa.

pumpkin halwa
Pumpkin Halwa


Who doesnt love sweet? I believe most of us would say yes without a blink of an eye. I am a religious person and belong to a super religious family. I remember my college days as they have a special memory attached to this sweet delicacy. Pretty much around July, when monsoon hits Delhi, we have Sharavan month thats is dedicate to Lord Shiva and thats the first time I started keeping fast. Honestly, at that time I had no demands, not that I demand too much from him now. At that time, fast meant eating special food and some special treatment on those days too. This kaddu halwa was made as an evening snack as I was allowed to have only sweets and no salt for this fast. I must also mention that he has blessed me in amazing ways and mere thanking him daily wont suffice!! I got the real essence of the religion and puja only after I got married as my mother-in-law was really a religious person. I had both inclination and means which both met by marrying the wonderful human being on earth. That reminds me of my colleague who asked me once that why do you still keep fast? Now you have got a decent husband, do you need to impress God any more? Her part of story is definitely true and I couldnt reply her at that time. It seems now i have the answer to her question. I continue to keep fast not to impress God rather thank him as everytime I close my eyes I feel that he has been great to me!!

Continuing where I left in my last post about the story God and Great Pumpkin. Pumpkin has a religious value attached to it. Great Pumpkin is a supernatural creature who rises from pumpkin on Halloween evening and brings toys to kids who believe in it. Infact carved pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, which is a popular festival celebrated originally in America, and now in several other countries. Halloween originated from ancient Celtic festival Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. This evening was called All hallows Eve which means ‘Saints’ evening’. Since then the tradition is going on in the for of trick or treat and now its termed as Halloween.

Well whether its Halloween or Shivratri, religion is immensely based on belief system. When we know that someone is watching over us, we are relieved and we continue to follow this faith with positive bent of mind and no wonder God shows us at several occasions, how much really he can be relied upon.

In my next section, I will lead you to recipe link for Pumpkin Halwa.

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

Pumpkin Dessert- Kaddu Halwa

I take great pleasure in sharing the family recipe of Pumpkin Halwa. Its an amazing dish and a simple to make. Its uploaded on my recipe blog vegbuffet.com.

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