Pumpkin Recipes to combat COVID | Immunity Booster Series

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In his speech, Dr. Arora highlighted that several foods can boost immunity if included in daily diet. I have started with Pumpkin recipes as they are a symbol of prosperity, growth and abundance. How magical and wonderful Pumpkin is has been highlighted in my last posts. Pumpkins are known to be recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites. I wonder how that is possible yet I continue to have faith in pumpkin’s capability of boosting immunity. So, stay connected for knowing more about pumpkin stories and the amazing recipes that I would be sharing with you!!.

pumpkin recipes cutlet
Pumpkin Cutlet

Bored with lot of sweets being discussed in my last posts.. Same here!!

So I decided to make something spicy and tangy and I headed just with confidence to kitchen. Simply because this pumpkin cutlet is my first attempt. Though I have made pumpkin aloo pakora in Singhara Atta for Navratri vrath, which I am a big fan of, pumpkin cutlet is slightly different. I am sure you would love it if you love spicy. For a change, I made it in my new pan so instead of deep frying, I just cooked them with little oil and steam in pan..

pumpkin recipes cutlet
Pumpkin Cutlet

A healthy treat!!

Isnt It??

If you are craving for this delicious snack, you may check out its detailed recipe on vegbuffet.com.

Talking about stories, how pumpkin saves Cindrella from the nightmare she had been facing in her daily lives, or Linus of Great Pumpkin, who never stop believing about the giant pumpkin to appear, I think that faith is all we have. If we believe, we can. It has to start with a stroke of positivity and perseverance. These stories amaze me and when I narrate them to my daughter, she is awestruck. Yesterday, her milk teeth fell off and as tradition goes, she made sure to keep a wish ready under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to appear. She got a surprise gift from her the next morning. I am so scared to tell her the fact that it was me who bought that book but as I said faith is too important. I really cant shake her faith. More so because, that faith brought her loads of joys and by now she has read it 6 times. Who knows even more. If she becomes a better person just by having faith for the Big Man, why cant we. Once she grows, she would gradually be able to understand easily the difference!!

I am positive that what all is going around with our lives because of COVID, it would surely end soon. We may lay low and make sure to eat right ans stay safe till then…

Stay Home Stay Safe!!

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