Pumpkin Recipes to combat COVID|Immunity Booster Series-Pumpkin Icecream with Mango

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Dr. Arora spoke highly about Pumpkin and how we may include it in daily diet to increase our immunity. Inspired by him, I have started this series of immunity booster foods and if you wish to know about the how healthy Pumpkin is, you may visit my last few posts about it.

pumpkin mango icecream
Pumpkin Mango Ice cream

Summer is at its peak and at that time, Ice creams are a relief and delicious food. Specially when its homemade as we can customize its ingredients as per the age and health needs of family. Some want more creamy, some want more sugary, others just love few flavours combined together. Pumpkin Icecream is a delicacy truly!!

Well I have been observing a trend where we try to minimize the sugar to make a dessert. To each its own. I believe that I may cut down on the quantity of a high calorie food rather to have it less sugary. Nutritionists claiming to have healthy foods, I would really like to ask them DEFINE HEALTHY. For me, whatever is freshly home-cooked by my mother is super healthy. If I would have kheer, I would have it sweet and no compromise on it. I would avoid sugary biscuits, cookies over home made namak pare. Those who have been suggested to avoid sugar, they have a different story altogether and is understandable. I am referring to young people finding several ways to lose weight by avoiding paranthas and having cheese cakes or pizzas. Thats why I make desi ghee paranthas, poori, halwa and here comes my first trial on Pumpkin icecream. Given the summer, it soon melted before the first neat shot. Also I was short of Cream supply due to lockdown, it was less creamy and shining. Thanks to the praises of my daughter which gave me a reason to post it here.

Thinking about why pumpkin and mango?

Well, I think I am just not over with pumpkin love. Speaking of pumpkin, do you know that 95% of pumpkin grown in US is harvested in Illinois soil so much so that its called the “Pumpkin capital of the world“. I thought to mix this super food with king of fruit and see, we had an awesome combo.. The detailed recipe is posted on my recipe blog vegbuffet.com

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