The SuperIndian Food: Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

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How many of you know that Amla is amazingly rich in Vitamin C?

I believe most of us know that..

Wait.. How many of us know that it has much more Vitamin C and calcium than the orange? 100gm of Amla has around 700 mg of Vit C. Its a treasure bank of Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. The absorption of Vitamin C of Amla is more as compared to the supplements. Its high fibre and low calorie food and hence a great food for weight loss. Amla being rich in anti-oxidants may help in brain functionality specially age-related syndromes, reduces cancer-risks and improves heart health..

Amla Indian gooseberry
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

There are several other benefits that include a food for hair, digestion, liver and fights common cold and cough. As per Ayurveda, having amla daily is good for both mental and physical health. Tasting from bitter to mild sweet, this translucent green fruit is a wonder-pack of nutrients. I grew up having Amla Murabba almost daily and my father kept telling mom that Amla is a must for our brains.

It can be included in daily diet easily. One can have raw amla juice (Yes it would be bitter) or like I include it in most of my soups is another option. Adding washed and dried Amla in sugar syrup (a process of making Murabba(Sweet fruit Jam)) is a choice of people with sweet-tooth. I learnt a simple way of making its Achar/Khatta Meetha Amla from my mother-in-law. Indian kitchen is a hub of spices which combined together in various ways make different scrumptious dishes. This Amla Achar is one of them. Simply keep Amla in boiled water for 5 min. Once tender, dry them and take a Kadai with mustard oil. Once oil is ready, Add mustard seeds, heeng, Saunf Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Haldi, Dhaniya Powder. Add Chopped Amla and add salt. Let it be tender and then once cooked, you may add Garm Masala And Amchur Powder. Your basic Amla Achar is ready. Not very oily and you may have 2 tsp with chapati in two meals.

Who is willing to have Goji berries or the fruits Camu Camu when our Indian gooseberry is the perfect choice for all that we really need? This article is dedicated to health conscious people who get influenced by health marketers for buying expensive foreign fruits/seeds. Just remember whatever is local fruit/food of the season has the best of nutrients and we dont have to go out of the way to be healthy. We just have to have a variety of our local foods on platter in proper ratios rather than just a hyped up food to make us think that we are getting healthy.

Do share your experience of Amla Achar with me. Very soon I would be posting the detailed recipe of the same. Till then Remain Fit and Fine. Wishing you a healthy life!!

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