Which is more healthy: Fruit Vs Juice?

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Indeed the FRUIT as the juice was derived from it only!! This is simplest answer I could give as a class 3rd student would be giving..

Isn’t it the right answer too?

Well yes..

From the traditional perspective A BIG YES as our grandparents and their grandparents used to have fresh fruits right from the trees..Perhaps there was no concept of fruit juice that existed way back then. Honestly, I have also loved the fruits fresh chopped and garnished with lemon juice and Kala Namak (Black Pink Salt). This is how I grew up having fruit chaat with my family.

Coming to the scientific perspective, the fruits are full of fibre and nutritions. When we extract the juice, we don’t get the fibre and thats really an important component of nutrition which keeps us full, makes our digestive system healthy that means a healthy gut, boosts our immunity, and helps lose weight..Of Course, this comparison is made to home extracted fresh juice as for the packaged juice, they dont stand a place in comparison. Packaged Fruit Juices are a pack of sugar and preservatives with some juice in them. So they are not on list of healthy items. High in calories, low in fibre and nutrition and the risk of health issues with the preservatives is a constant with packaged juices.

Fruit Juice or Fresh Fruits?
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels Fruits

Juice is not as healthy as eating a fresh fruit even if its right away squeezed as the structure of fruit changes when its pulped and so are its nutrients. When it comes to calories, the juice and fresh fruits are almost same. Really, would be stop after having one glass of juice? Wont there be craving for one more? I wonder if I would do. But yes we would not eat one orange after another , after another…Also the fibre in the fruit is absorbed slowly which helps the body metabolism maintained and cuts the hunger. Moreover, elderly are recommended specific fruits according to their health issues so they have to choose fruits for the fibre. Juices are a great choice for kids who cant chew or toddlers who are still developing their tastes.

fresh fruits or fresh juices
Fruits or Fresh Fruit Juice
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels Fruits

To make a choice, I eat fresh fruits daily but yes in summers when sun is shining high, it is worth to have a glass of fresh juice and to make a simple mix of fruits and veggies for kids who are picky eaters..

Whats on your menu? A fresh fruit Juice or Fresh fruit Chaat?

Do share your experience with me.

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