Turmeric Milk / Haldi Doodh: Super Indian Drink

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Since ages Indians have been drinking the superb Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Milk or Kachi haldi ka doodh. The Indian food is incomplete without the addition of this incredible spice. The reason is simple: When Haldi (Turmeric) is added to milk while heating, the combination helps fight several infections and pains. Thanks to the Curcumin, an essential chemical compound present in Raw turmeric. Curcumin can get easily absorbed in fats and tissues of our body taking milk as a medium. This golden spice has traveled across world and got wonderful recognition. I realised it has new names like Golden milk, Turmeric Latte added to the menu of Foreign countries. A Moment of pride!!

Thats when I thought of making it available to you all and thereby saving it in my blog for future generations. I wish that the future kids know the wonder-spice from their parents and grandparents just like I did and carry the legacy of our country.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory property and it means if we have body inflammation or pain in knees/joints, we may try including Turmeric milk in our diet. Having it at bedtime helps us reduce weight, induces great sleep, enhances digestion and boosts immunity. This milk helps us recover from body-ache, pain from injuries/surgeries or even a great deal for mental relaxation. Its anti-septic and anti-allergic properties helps healing of skin infections and other allergies. A safe drink for mother-to-be and new mothers. Just remember to add a pinch/ dash of turmeric powder. Neither too much nor too little as too much might affect your digestion. So a dash of turmeric powder along with black pepper in a cup of milk. For making the turmeric milk, boil a cup of milk, add a pinch of fresh raw turmeric along with a pinch of black pepper. To avoid a pungent taste, you may add little bit of sugar. You may have it hot or warm but not cold. Try having just at bedtime at night or if you wish to have in the morning, have it with breakfast and don’t have anything after at least an hr of it. I used to add Desi ghee but weight-checkers would prefer to avoid ghee. Ever heard of applying onion and garlic paste coated with Haldi over feet for reducing its inflammation? I had heard and seen it worked for my helper a few years back. Since this is hot-natured food (Garm Taseer), you may take it easily daily in winters but be careful in summers (Avoid it daily but may have twice a week). Also those who are lactose-intolerant, they may go for other milks like soya,Almond, coconut milk or they may have simple Kachhi haldi ladoo/ panjiri.

Are you going to make a shift from the coffee latte to Turmeric Latte or the traditionally called Haldi Doodh? Those who are health conscious and have targets on their weight-loss programme are fancied by the thought of smoothies for weightloss and are willing to spend on those well-marketed expensive drinks but do you know that this ancient drink has wonderful capability to make you lose weight at no extra cost. Just give it a thought next time you plan to spend on the so-called healthy smoothie…

Dont forget to share your experience of having haldi milk..

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