Beetroot Benefits and Nutrition

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Beetroot Sliced
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Beetroot is a root vegetable commonly called as chakunder and is traditionally an important ingredient of fresh salads. Thanks to its health benefits and nutritional value, its popularity has increased manyfolds and now there are several things that we can think of when it comes to this beautiful and colorful root. Though I had always loved and eaten raw beetroot, now I am also experimenting with beetroot recipes like hummus, lassi, raita, smoothies, cheela, falafel, tikki, dosa, soups, chutneys, halwa, desserts,...

Modern kids now don’t create a fuss with the name of beetroot. I remember making a mix vegetable parantha including beetroot, potato, cauliflower and peas for my daughter. It was really a pink colored and I must say it was worth trying.

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Beetroots have quite interesting Nutritional quotient. Being rich in iron, fibre, folate, Vit C, Vit A, magnesium and phosphorous, they control and regulate the blood pressure levels. They are high in sugars and hence those who are diabetic and have high sugar levels shall definitely avoid them. People with anemia, low hemoglobin levels and have low immunity shall try having a fresh juice of beets coupled with carrot and apple. They would really see its impact within ten days.

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The best way to eat them is always raw. But sometimes kids dont eat or someone finds tough to eat them, for them its a tip that I am using for quite sometime now. Take a chopped portion of beetroot, grate it and add it to you vegetable when your vegetable is almost cooked. I have started making a mix vegetable weekly. This way no one complains about its raw taste. I also grate amla along with it. The other way is to add it to your soup. My favourite is Tomato soup and I always add beets to it. You may check its recipe : Tomato Beetroot Soup.

Those on diet plan, its a perfect choice. You may have it between the meals as a salad. It would keep you full and all your cravings would vanish!!

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Who is going to try a healthy salad that includes beetroot? Well I have it whenever I get a chance to.

Looking forward for listening to your experience with this superfood.

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