Besan: An ingredient for Indian super foods

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Besan (Chickpea Flour)
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Besan is chickpea/ gram flour and Indian Kitchen is incomplete without this special ingredient. We can make several amazing recipe by using Besan: Cheela, Laddos, Missi Roti, Bread pakora, Vegetable pakora, Kadi, gatte ki subji, Ghiya Kofta, and several baked or fried snacks.

It is not just helping make delicious good but nutritious food too. High in protein, it helps in controlling sugar levels and improves heart health. It had good fat content, so helps balance cholesterol levels and helps lower glycaemic index. Since its high in proteins, it gives the full feeling and helps lose weight. Its a gluten free food and a great choice for gluten-intolerant people. Apart from being nutritive food, it helps in cleansing of skin as well. The popularly known as Ubtan is made using it and its used to do body massage of newborns. You need besan, turmeric powder and curd to make ubtan. Its a thick paste whcih can be used for face masks as well. Some people can add sugar or honey to it for extra glow. Being rich in iron, its a great food for people who are anemic or feel fatigued.

Besan Vegetable Pakora
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The low calorie options are generally Besan Cheela or missi Roti as they can be made using less oil. For the others like Bread Pakoras, vegetable Pakoras (Fritters), they are deep fried so naturally they are high in calories. But that doesnt mean they are unhealthy. I would suggest you a quick read of my article about it : Bread Pakora. This article explains how even fried food is healthy and myths about it.

So, what are you planning to make using besan? Do share your experience with me.

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